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PRODUCT LAUNCH - USG Expands High Performance Ceilings Portfolio

Written by lwadmin | July 28, 2017

USG’s latest Ceilings product launch significantly increases the options for using Mars High Performance (90/30, 85/35) ceilings by offering it in a number of different sizes, colors and also in the Mars Healthcare platform. USG’s Mars High Performance products are a great alternative to fiberglass ceilings and offer a great balance of sound absorption and sound blocking.



USG has added over180new Logix sizes of Mars 90/30 and Mars 85/35 tiles which complement the existing Mars Logix line by allowing designers the ability to be unconstrained with the limits of traditional acoustical panel sizes while achieving their High Performance Balanced Acoustic needs.



16 new panels will be offered in (90/30, 85/35, 80/35) to capture the increasing demand of the 30” design module. These panels will be offered in a variety of edge configurations and in both 30”x30” and 30”x60” sizes.



USG has also introducedLarge Module Mars High NRC panels by RTQ. These panels are available in all three standard edges (SQ, SLT, FLB) and are available in both 90/30 and 85/35 options. Examples of Included Sizes: 2’x6’, 2’x5’, 30”x60”, 3’x3’, 4’x4’. Examples of Excluded Sizes: 2’x8’, 30”x72”, 4’x8’. Modules over 6’ in length are not available at this time.



USG will be offering 9 New Mars Healthcare panels offered in 85/35 and 60/40 Balanced Acoustics portfolio. They are available in standard (2×2, 2×4) modules as well as all three standard edges (SQ,SLT, FLB).



9 Mars High NRC/High CAC panels will now be offered in the new “Premium” color palette which includes 17 unique colors. Not only with these products be available with a 1 carton minimum, they are also available in an unlimited palette of custom colors as well. When combined with the matching suspension systems they will afford the market the opportunity to be flexible and creative at the same time. Consult with your L&W Supply Sales Rep for more details.

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