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5 Benefits of LED Lighting

When dealing with LED upgrades and communicating product benefits, here are five areas that every GC should be prepared to discuss. ... Read more

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7 Tips to Understand Construction Contracts

There’s nothing like signing a new construction contract—you’ll have business coming in the door and get your labor force back to work. In the rush and excitement of the moment, one important question needs to be asked: have you read the contract you are signing? Have you really read it closely and do you understand it in its entirety?... Read more

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L&W Supply Rolls Out New Fleet of Delivery Trucks

Be on the lookout for our new fleet of delivery trucks and equipment. It's just one of the many ways L&W Supply continues our industry-leading commitment to safety.... Read more

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2017-05-12 Industry

7 Tips to Understand Construction Contractsl

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  • Panels


    L&W Supply is the industry leader in the interior walls category, selling products like SHEETROCK®Brand Panels and SHEETROCK®Brand UltraLight Panels, SECUROCK®Glass-Mat Sheating, DUROCK®Brand Title Backer, FIBEROCK® and STRUCTOR-CRETE®.... View Products

  • Ceilings


    As the largest distributor of acoustical ceiling products in the United States, L&W Supply has everything you need to complete any size project. Whether your ideal ceiling system needs to be cost-effective, flexible, aesthetically pleasing (or all of the above), we carry the products to fulfill your project’s unique demands.... View Products

  • Metal Studs & Framing

    Metal Studs & Framing

    As an industry leader, L&W Supply offers a range of brands in the metal building products category, including ClarkDietrich™ Building Systems, CEMCO, Marino/Ware®, Telling™ Industries as well as many other prominent metal framing manufacturers.... View Products

  • Tools & Accessories

    Tools & Accessories

    L&W’s all encompassing product line includes building tools and accessories from USG, Grabber Construction Products, Primesource Construction Products, Dewalt, PLS Laser, 3M, Hyde, Porter Cable, and Columbia Taping Tools.... View Products

  • Insulation


    L&W Supply offers a full line of insulation, including Owens Corning®, Knauf, and Johns Manville Fiberglass insulation, Roxul® and Thermafiber® Mineral Wool insulation, and Dow® Exterior insulation products.... View Products

  • Exteriors


    L&W Supply is the leader in high performance exterior product distribution, services, and support. With a wide variety of exterior claddings to choose from, L&W Supply can help you select the right products and systems for your next project.... View Products