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New Global Harmonization Labels

What the New Global Harmonization Labels Mean for Contractors

OSHA is running a corporate-wide project to ensure the safety of contractors by implementing the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS). Read more

Don’t Get Burned

Don’t Get Burned: Critical Components of Fire Safety for Contractors

Contractors are often the last line of defense in ensuring proper construction of a building and nowhere is that more important than in matters of fire and life safety. Understanding fire safety components and proper application... Read more

South Carolina State Planetarium

South Carolina State Museum Planetarium – A Stellar Success!

Like an honored guest at a banquet, the South Carolina State Museum (SCSM) Planetarium sits prominently at the east end of the SCSM building. In contrast to the main museum, a historic brick building constructed in 1894 for... Read more

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

When dealing with LED upgrades and communicating product benefits, here are five areas that every GC should be prepared to discuss. Read more

Levi's Stadium

Tackling Levi’s® Stadium Build Proves to be a Team Effort

The state-of-the-art $1.2 billion venue boasts 77,000 seats, a 27,000 square foot green roof, and hundreds of solar panels, all of which contribute to the stadium’s LEED Gold certification, the first of its kind for a professional... Read more